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On our website you may find video coverage of different events in construction industry, where representatives of leading world companies do not only inform about their product and equipment, but also demonstrate them in process.

Use of video offers extra opportunities to have more vivid and clear picture of issue contents. And for the readership of “Concrete goods and constructions” magazine ‐ this is a fundamentally new approach and an interesting format in the field of industrial media to present important professional information.

Your video may be also placed on our website or DVD, which is an integral part of the issue. Contact us and our experienced journalists and professional operators will help you in preparing of any video materials.

Video materials preparation is fulfilled by efforts of magazine staff.

1. Video report.
     Film crew’s visit of a place to make a video report about customer’s event (20-40 minutes of finished video).
2. Interview.
      Preparation of interview in video format . 
3. Video survey.
      Video survey of one equipment unit (30-40 minutes of finished video).
4. Placing the video material from the customer.


If you require any further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

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